Show up fully to your life 

Mindfulness-based health and lifestyle coaching. 

Build lasting emotional, mental, and physical skills

Hi, I’m Kelley. I’m here to show you how to create a life where you move mountains at work, feel energised in your body, and make time for what is important to you.

This is coaching that doesn’t only ask questions, we’ll develop the right solutions for your life.

Together, we’ll tailor you a simple, manageable plan based on my experience and training in business, contemplative psychotherapy, meditation, psychology, coaching, and yoga nidra.

Let’s schedule a free consultation and I can assess where you’re at and let you know what you can expect.

kelley smiling with hands up and clenched fists

Harmonise your life and business

Personal coaching

Develop the toolbox to show up with confidence and compassion in all areas of your life. Together, we’ll work on whatever’s getting in the way and build a simple, manageable plan and practice to see it through. 

Company programs

Instill a compassionate way of doing business into the very foundations of your company, from systems and processes to team culture. (Coming soon – get in touch to find out more)

What this online coaching isn’t:

A productivity party.

This is about saying no to the burnout, the overworking, the guilt, and saying yes to a clear roadmap that helps you live a full life.

A binary balance of work and home.

Those dog days are over. We’re passionate about our whole lives – this is about shaping and designing life to be both energising and restorative in really dynamic ways.

A traditional management fest.

To be transformative in what we do, we need to move away from dry, managerial delegation into true leadership power skills.

A weight loss program.

Your weight may change as you understand your body better. This is about working out what is right for you and no one else.


The point is not to make your life free of discomfort, it’s to make you better at navigating that discomfort.

“I have basically changed my life with the help of Kelley’s coaching, because this coaching has changed ME.”

Mary. R

Managing Director, Berlin

Join us for live online classes weekly and regular full-length workshops.

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