Mindfulness-based Coaching

This is how you harness the power of mindfulness and self-compassion to thrive and show up fully in your life.


Personalised transformation coaching that helps you find work-life harmony, holistic health and to love the skin you’re in. I will help you tap into your innate capacity to heal and transform.

“I have basically changed my life with the help of Kelley’s coaching because this coaching has changed ME.”

Mary Roder

Brand Strategist and Agency Founder, Illure Management

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Hi, I’m Kelley. I’m here to show you how to create a life of mindful awareness and self-compassion that’s rooted in a desire to show up fully to your life and the world because we need you at your best – there’s a compassionate revolution coming!

I’m your favourite seven-years-sober-compassionate-coach-accountability-partner-buddhist geek-financial-manager with a penchant for cake and giggles.

I started out going to people’s houses to help them bounce around to their favourite tunes and find the fun in fitness, I moved into a habit-based nutrition exploration, dove deep into the magical world of yoga nidra and blossomed into meditation and am now navigating contemplative psychotherapy all whilst weaving in my 15 years of business management and remote work world skills… want to know more?…

“I believe we are all capable of deep transformation and deserving of compassion and bliss”

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