About Kelley


My Mission:

To impact the world by helping people tap into their innate capacity to heal and transform and equipping them with the tools of mindfulness and compassion.

Hey There, I’m Kelley (she/her)

Like a lot of people in the well-being and health space, I got here because my health (mental and physical) used to be terrible. As I dedicated myself to my own personal liberation, I decided to crystalize my learnings with professional training and empower others to do that same. I continue to learn and study, creating an ever-evolving practice.

It started with movement, moved into nutrition, then sleep, resilience, boundary-setting, opening up to self-compassion, developing mindful awareness, compassionate action, ethics and deep desire to band together and create a compassionate revolution … now I weave these all into a holistic experience, coupled with my extensive business experience – because we haven’t evolved past capitalism quite yet.

I had the inkling to become a Buddhist at a young age, attending London’s SOAS university to study Classical & Modern Tibetan Language with Theory of Religion, but soon dropped out, preferring to party, run night clubs, and work in the music scene.

I eventually ‘buckled down’ and got my 1st class honors from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in theatre management and went on to become an associate producer of the renowned NofitState Circus, helping take them around the world. But this wasn’t my calling, I quit and ran away to India, to immerse myself again, in Yoga and Buddhism.

But, I was confronted with the hard truth that a solo, unchecked deep-dive into this ancient practice alone, wasn’t going to heal my trauma, regulate my nervous system, heal my gut and relationship with myself. It was humbling I was nudged by a Jetsunma so seek therapy. Which I did back in Europe, confused about the sudden turn of events. This was the catalyst for the deeper transformation I’d been heading towards and hoping for. I began a new journey to try and  understand what was happening in this alchemical pot of buddhism and therapy in which I was now curiously held.

I’m now proud to be seven years sober and settled in my new (and constantly changing) heartfelt life. In my five years living in Berlin, I’ve trained in Yoga and Mindfulness for Addictions, with the Minded Institute, completed the Total Yoga Nidra Facilitator training with the Yoga Nidra Network, completed the Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach certification, I will soon start year two of Nalanda Institute’s Contemplative Psychotherapy certificate and have finished a Meditation Teacher Training with Yoga Campus, London. And I’m sure that’s only the beginning. 

I love my work and I love my clients. I’m excited by people, their stories, their hearts, and their capacity to adapt and grow. I believe that we are all capable of transformation and we can start, exactly where we are.

Made with love.


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