Personalised Health Coaching


You are not broken. I am not going to try and fix you. Instead I will help you create space so you can lead with love and execute with self compassion.

Burn out work weeks and not being able to show up for your work and life ends here. It’s possible to step into your health, lead with love and move from a place of self-compassion.

When you know how to manage your energy, take control of your rambling mind and execute with insight, and self-compassion you whole life will change. You’ll be a better leader and feel better as you move through life.

We start exactly where you are and create a realistic, manageable plan to take you where you want to go.

Together we will create a vision to keep you motivated. We will definie your personal values and ensure that they are aligned with your goals. We will also equip you with a tool kit of skills to help build resilience and confidence so even if there are wobbles in the road, you can always find balance and bounce back with ease.

What can you expect from the coaching?


  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Movement
  • Mind
  • Soul
  • Relationships


  • Energy
  • Clarity
  • Resilience
  • Strength
  • Capacity
  • Space

My work is rooted in the cultivation of mindfulness and self-compassion. Without these, there is no movement or fitness plan that will work. It doesn’t matter how much information you’ve ingested from blogs, books and youtube, you must be aware of yourself and your actions, and willing to act with your own best interest in the moment.


A plan to regain your health and energy, to feel incredible, and show up in your life in all your glory is useless if you don’t believe you deserve it. It doesn’t work if you doubt yourself, engage in negative self-talk and have the weight of shame holding you back.


So, not only do we work directly on your health habits and lifestyle, we work on developing the qualities of mindfulness and self-compassion that will enable you to do the work, in a long-term, nourishing and sustainable way.

woman in a field of red flowers smiling and looking up

Health is not a punishment, you do not need to push harder, toughen up, spend more money, find the secret key, try another diet or create more complexity in life. It can be simple, it might not always be easy, but when you come from a place of love, you will want to make time to love and look after yourself. And in doing so, you will impact everyone around you. You will take this radiance with you into your work, your relationships and it will filter into the energy you leave in the world – you can have the impact that the world needs and that you are capable of.

We weave in reminders of our common humanity, that we all want to love and be loved, we all struggle, no one has it figured out because with that knowing, we can also learn to be more kind to ourselves and as a consequence the world. 

We don’t just do this work for ourselves, but for the collective care and healing on a global level. Think globally, act locally as they say…

Are you ready to step into your power and learn how to be more fully you?

Mindfulness is learning to be present with what is, with a warmth and curiosity, rooted in an awareness of the present, moment-moment.

And mindfulness creates the space, for us to practice self-compassion.

Sometimes self-compassion looks like:


  • Slowing down
  • Taking time off
  • Softening into kindness
  • Forgiving ourselves
  • Understanding 
  • Acceptance

And it can also look like:

  • Saying no
  • Being bold
  • Standing firm
  • Speaking up
  • Taking action
  • Facing problems head-on

With self-compassion as a core resource, that you know how to access, you can show up in your life and be more fully you.

This ripples out into how you lead, the impact you have and the impression you leave on each and every person you meet. 

Together we improve your health and wellbeing, decrease stress and anxiety and markers that lead to burn-out.


How will you show up for others if you haven’t shown up for yourself?

black woman with green top in a field smiling

“One of the most consistent findings in the research literature is that greater self-compassion is linked to less anxiety and depression”

Kristin D. Neff and Katie A. Dah

What’s included in the coaching?

The human element:


  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Your own personal cheerleader
  • Regular accountability
  • Open attention
  • Confidentiality and a safe space
  • A compassion guide, and partner

The logistical element:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls (30-45mins)
  • Access to me via message (Mon-Fri)
  • Unlimited personalised mediations, Yoga Nidra, fitness audio, and videos
  • Access to the existing library of content (fitness, Yoga Nidra, training).
  • Personalised movement and food recommendations.

We will equip you with the toolkit of skills you need to get where you want to go.


How much does it cost? 

There is a minimum initial commitment of 4 months. For this period there is a set free of €1800-2500 (inc VAT).

Why the sliding scale?

(I offer reductions for members of the BIPOC, or trans/non-binary community, current or past coaching clients)

Thereafter, I offer coaching package bundles at reduced rates for ongoing work together.

I offer payment plans and we can split payments over several months, this is open to discussion so let’s talk. I know we haven’t all got 2 grand laying around 😉


Other important info:

This is not therapy, nor a replacement for therapy. Many of my clients are in therapy with a trained professional and this works as a powerful accompaniment, but it in no way replaces specialised therapeutic practice.


If you are at this time,  are suffering from depression, PTSD, have been diagnosed with bipolar or borderline personality, or are inactive addiction, then please consider seeking professional help and reaching out to your local services.


In the past, I have worked with clients in Australia and New Zealand, but it has been very hard to coordinate, therefore at this time I am only taking on clients within +/- 6 hours of Berlin, Germany timezone. If you are an exception to this, you can still reach out, but it might not be possible.

Want to book your free consultation? Message me.x

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