Yoga Nidra  

The goddess of sleep, Yoga Nidra is a practice that helps you access a deeply restful state of healing and restoration.

The practice of yoga is ancient and originated in South Asia. It’s been appropriated by the west and thus has changed, morphed, and been adapted, the same is true for Yoga Nidra. The nidra that I have been trained to facilitate is not what was talked about in the Upanishads or Mahabharata and has evolved greatly, especially in the last century, but no matter what ‘iteration’ of nidra you come across, let’s remember where it came from and its profound and wise roots.

[The Ocean] becomes the bed of the lotus-naveled Vishnu when at the termination of every Yuga that deity of immeasurable power enjoys Yoga-Nidra, the deep sleep under the spell of spiritual meditation.          — Mahabharata, Book 1, section XXI

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