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Create a self-compassion practice in your work-life


5-week online group coaching course

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This is a course that teaches you how to be nice to yourself when you judge, criticise, and doubt yourself in the workplace. It’s a new way of working that will make you more productive and is significantly more pleasant and less sh*t for everyone – yourself included.

That’s all I needed to hear – book me into the course!

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What is a work-based self-compassion course?

This 5-week online group coaching course will teach you to cultivate your own self-compassion practice and toolkit to use in the workplace (and beyond!) when negative thoughts and a lack of self-belief show up. 

This isn’t about creating a work environment where you feel constantly peachy, that’s called toxic positivity. You’ll be creating ways to better manage what to do when inner blockages come up. Because, kudos to their perseverance, they’re very good at doing that at work.

Who is a workplace self-compassion course for?

This course is for anyone who experiences the following at work:

  • self doubt that stands in the way of you doing your best work
  • negative self-talk spirals and self-criticism (more about that here)
  • anxiety about, well anything
  • procrastination and just not getting things done
  • decision making paralysis
  • feeling like a failure and wanting to run away from it all!

This course is for everyone*

*More accurately, this course is for the first 15 to sign up. I’m capping it there because that’s the sweet spot – learn from a diverse range of experiences in a safe space and know you’re not alone. But still have plenty of moments to feel like you can take up some sweet space yourself. 

What you will achieve

By the end of four weeks, you should develop a Buddhist-monk-like relationship with yourself and you’ll never feel self-criticism at work again. Jokes. Jokes.

Here’s what you’ll really leave the course with:

  • Having identified the hidden beliefs that stand in your way
  • More clarity around your motivations and intentions
  • When and how to use specific meditations, self-inquiry and reframing techniques to apply this practice in your daily life
  • A deeper understanding of your values and needs – and plenty of respect for those
  • A sense of strength and shared humanity knowing you are not alone, we all struggle with these things and there is a better way.

How a course on self-compassion works

The beauty of our shared humanity is that we all experience negative thinking. But because we are all unique, it shows up in different ways, in different situations for every one of us.

    woman sat at a table laughing with a yellow laptop and a man laughing also

    Do you know when, why, and how negative thinking shows up for you – in your body and mind? And do you know exactly what to implement when they do?

    This is the work that this course will do. It will help you recognise what is going so that you can support yourself, and others, better. 

      With weekly live coaching sessions and homework, you will learn how to:

      Create a rock-solid foundation

      • Develop new and supportive beliefs in your capabilities, the value you add, and your ability to execute.
      • Use your values and needs to make decisions and create momentum.

      Apply self-compassion in typical work situations

      • Overcome procrastination that is rooted in self-doubt.
      • Move through discomfort and negative self-talk that stops you taking action.
      • Receive feedback and criticism without heading into a negative, paralytic spiral.

      Develop a toolkit to use beyond the workplace

      • Use meditation to develop self-compassion.
      • Use release statements when you feel stuck with anxiety and internal discomfort.

      What is the format of the course?

      • 5 weekly group video calls (90mins each) on ZOOM with access to call recordings for 3 months after course.

      • In-session breakout rooms to discuss reflections, insights, take aways and share experiences.
      • Recording of the weekly meditation there is a new one each week.
      • Course material to keep includes PDF worksheets, summaries and key learnings.

      • One-on-One coaching (optional at extra cost, message me for details)

      And how much does it cost?

      Sliding scale 180-250EUR for the whole course. No sneaky little extra costs. Read more about sliding scale here.

      Why sliding scale? I don’t want money to be a barrier, and some people need this course and can’t afford it, so let’s robin hood it and pay what you can so everyone who needs to can come.

      Some of us are privileged and can afford to pay at the upper end and I think we should. So that’s that. Have a little dig inside (your heart) and reflect on what value you think you will get from this and how much you can actually afford, check my scale, and then decide what you want to pay.

      You how ever much you pay, you can use this full amount against the personalised coaching programs if you sign up after the course. Amazing right?