How To Reduce Stress and Thrive At Work

Live Online Workshop

with Kelley Griffiths from MindBodyBliss

September 28th 2021

19:00 – 20:15 Berlin, Germany Time


Because you deserve to feel good in your professional life.

man sat at a table with his face in his hands

This workshop is for you if…

  • You feel emotionally drained by your job
  • You have burn out, or fear your might
  • You don’t know how to manage your stress levels in a healthy way
  • You feel overwhelmed and overworked
  • You know something needs to change, but you just don’t know what

Here’s how this workshop can support you..


Knowing you are not alone can reduce feelings of shame we have around our struggles. Just being in a ‘virtual’ space with others who want to make a change can be empowering.

You are not required to share or talk in the workshop, but others might, and I will, and hearing stories can help us see solutions to our own problems and help us feel a sense of shared humanity.


We will have two guided practices in the session that will allow you to experience directly how to access states of relaxation and calm. 

I will show you exactly how you can manage stress and anxiety in the moments it gets too much.



You will learn about skills, techniques and frameworks that can give you a new perspective on your situation and what you can do.

I will intoruduce you to concepts that I have learnt through my training in mindfulness, meditation, yoga nidra and contemplative psychotherapy.


Why me?

I used to take days off of work because I was so anxious I could hardly get out of bed. I’ve walked out of meetings with hives, hyperventilating, I’ve had panic attacks in management meetings and quit freelance jobs due to crippling fear and imposter syndrome.

I used to deal with my anxiety by drinking, smoking, eating, crying in bed, acting out and running away and buying one way tickest to far away destinations (I never did get on the plane to Hawaii).

Over the last 7 years (sober years) I have put in the work and dedicated the time and money to learn about and develop the skills I need to thrive in my life. I am determined to live fully, with purpose and serve the community I have built.

I am sharing what has worked for me and my clients and continue to study and take professional trainings to ensure I am using the most cutting edge practices.

I am passionate about your journey, I want you to feel better, I want to share these tools with you.

You deserve to experience joy and bliss and I would be honoured to help you find your way there.


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