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Coaching for Professionals

Create a professional life you love

Personalised one-on-one coaching that works at a deep level to help you build skills and solutions that enable you to create, grow, live and inspire at a much higher level.

Unlock your potential and create a professional life you love with our coaching program for professionals. We work with you at a deep level to build skills and solutions that enable you to create, grow, live, and inspire at a higher level. From overcoming burnout and setting boundaries to finding clarity and cultivating deep impact, our transformative approach to productivity supports you in designing a fulfilling and harmonious work-life integration.

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You’re scared of or recovering from burnout
  • You can’t set boundaries with people at work
  • You’re overwhelmed and stressed 
  • You don’t know how to prioritise workload and responsibilities
  • You don’t have space for creativity
  • You’re struggling with imposter syndrome
  • You’re worried you’re wasting your life in this job
  • You want to follow your passion but don’t know where to start

Wouldn’t life be better if…

  • You felt energised by your work
  • You could be decisive and take skillful action
  • You had clarity on what you want
  • You could set healthy boundaries around work
  • You could do your best work and still live your life
  • You fully stepped into your power
  • You felt confident and self assured
  • You had deep and meaningful impact

You will cultivate a compassionate career or business

This is a transformational approach to productivity. Gone are the outdated ideas of burnout work weeks and constant growth at any cost. There is no way around it, our work life IS a part of our life and to ignore it in doing this work is missing  a major and fundamental component of your life.

Together, we’ll optimise the processes in your work life and create a conscious calendar that is flexible enough to allow for changing logistics. And flexible enough for you to have a fulfilling life outside work. This is about work-life harmony, not work-life balance. True separation isn’t possible these days so let’s remove that pressure and guilt now.

We’ll also look at how you’re showing up and holding space for your direct reports, colleagues and community. We are not isolated beings, the energy we show up with at work has consequences, and we want you at your best most brilliant and compassionate so you can have deep, meaningful and lasting impact.

We’ll create space for your genius to thrive, which will see your work be of even more service and meaning to others.

What will this look like?
You’ll find yourself having increased focus, which will allow you to move mountains at work in a much shorter time. It will be easier to get into flow states and spaces where your creativity can thrive and prosper. You’ll be a better listener — to your customers, your team, your loved ones. You’ll show up with the capacity to lead from a place of compassion, which is a strength!

What this online coaching isn’t:

A productivity party.

This is about saying no to the burnout, the overworking, the guilt, and saying yes to a clear roadmap that helps you live a full life.

A binary balance of work and home.

Those dog days are over. We’re passionate about our whole lives – this is about shaping and designing life to be both energising and restorative in really dynamic ways.

A traditional management fest.

To be transformative in what we do, we need to move away from dry, managerial delegation into true leadership power skills.


The point is not to make your life free of discomfort, it’s to make you better at navigating that discomfort.

What to expect from coaching

I’m with you every step of the way – your own personal cheerleader and accountability coach.

We break the work down into clear manageable, bite-size chunks suited exactly to your personal context, needs and ability.

It will be uncomfortable because change always is. But I assure you, we’ll never go faster or further than you can handle and you’ll learn to ride the wave and come through it glorious and proud.

Are we the right fit?

You will have a chance to talk with me personally before making any decisions. There is never any pressure when it comes time for the consultation call and I hate that sleazy sales feeling you get from some coaches.

I only want to work with people that are excited to work with me so if it doesn’t feel right, we can both decide it’s not the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the environment like for this style of coaching? 

  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Your own personal cheerleader
  • Regular accountability
  • Open attention
  • Confidentiality and a safe space
  • A compassion guide and partner


What are the logistical elements of this coaching?

  • Weekly video coaching call (45mins)
  • Access to me via message (Mon-Fri)
  • Unlimited personalised mediations, Yoga Nidra.


How long is the coaching program?

There is a minimum initial commitment of 3 months (weekly sessions). This is enough time to really see some sustainable change in one particular area. Many clients then choose to continue the coaching on a 3 month rolling basis. I have to be real, you’re not going to overhaul your entire life in three months. But we can set some groundwork and work on a long-term strategy. And if you have a very specific objective in mind, we can get super focused and work intently on that one thing that will help you.


How much does it cost?

Bespoke packages are from 350-550EUR/month sliding scale.

Are their payment options available?

For sure, I know we don’t all have piles of cash laying around. I offer paid-in-full discounts, payment plans where you can split payments over several months and other more creative options as needed, this is open to discussion so let’s talk! We can find a way that works for you.


What time zones do I work in?

In the past, I have worked with clients in Australia and New Zealand, but it has been very hard to coordinate, therefore at this time I am only taking on clients within +/- 5 hours of Berlin, Germany timezone.

If you are an exception to this, you can still reach out, but it might not be possible.

I want to be honest with you!

This coaching isn’t for everyone. It takes work and you will need to be willing to get uncomfortable, challenge your norm and do things in a new way. That is how we adapt evolve and grow. If you expect me to do the work for you and hand you answers on a plate this isn’t for you. Firstly, I don’t have your answers, you do. I will help you uncover the deeper truth of who you are and how you want to live, but you need to be holding the shovel whilst I’m helping shine the light!

“I recommend Kelley’s program to everyone who wants to regain agency over their lives and remember how simple and easy life can be.”

Sophie U.

Start-Up Founder & Artist

“I have basically changed my life with the help of Kelley’s coaching, because this coaching has changed ME.”

Mary. R

Managing Director, Berlin

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