Healing & Health: Private Coaching

Reclaim your health, healing and happiness with me.

Personalised one-on-one coaching that empowers you with the tools, know-how and compassion you need to heal, nourish at a deep level and step into wellbeing and health.

Do you feel…

Uncomfortable in your body

Worried about your health

Unsure what movement practice is best for you

No idea what foods to eat

Tired all the time and lacking energy

Confused by the latest health trends

Overwhelmed with the options

What if you could..

Sleep deep and wake up refreshed

Know exactly what foods nourish you

Befriend and heal you gut

Love movement and feel comfortable with it

Enjoy being in your body

Find that mindbody connection

Develop a compassionate practice with yourself

The Mind Body Bliss Personalised Health and Healing Coaching Program is coaching, skill building and ‘sort-your-shit-out to-live-fully-and-flourish’ work grounded in mindfulness and self-compassion. How can you show up fully in the world and have impact, if you feel like crap and are dysregulated?

Together we identify the biggest blockers on your journey and systematically test and explore solutions and new ways of being and relating to ourselves and the world we encounter.

This is health and healing, yes, I will help you sleep deep, find nourishing food, regulate your nervous system, move that glorious body and tap into pockets of joy, but we will also work on your perception and expectations, because sometimes, what we think we want or need to do isn’t coming from a deep place of knowing, but from an external expectation that has been placed upon us – and that just won’t work in the long run.


The self reflective practice and cultivation of mindful compassion is a key component of this coaching.  We interrogate motivation and intention.  We look at where we are operating on auto-pilot instead of from a connection to our deeper wisest self. 


Through dialogue and inquiry we develop a rich and fresh understanding of ourselves, our values and the context in which we’re woven. We do not exist outside of the network and world we find ourselves in, so beginning to see our health and healing as part of a wider revolution comes into it also. Are you interested?

woman with her hand on her heart

What to expect from coaching

I’m with you every step of the way – your own personal cheerleader and accountability coach.

We break the work down into clear manageable, bite-size chunks suited exactly to your personal context, needs and ability.

It will be uncomfortable because change always is. But I assure you, we’ll never go faster or further than you can handle and you’ll learn to ride the wave and come through it glorious and proud.

woman with her hands behind her back

It’s a practice of self-exploration

Everything starts with you. Together, we’ll create a practice where you are able to explore your conditioning, beliefs and reactions, that prevent you from showing up from self-talk, to self destructive patterns, to impostor syndrome and anxiety. 

Using mindful awareness and self-compassion techniques, we’ll create a heart-centred approach that teaches you how to behave intentionally and be fully present with yourself, with acceptance, no matter what you’re feeling.

What will this look like?
You’ll start to intuitively know what you need and you’ll have the toolbox to make it happen. You’ll find you have more time and patience for people. You’ll create the space and energy to be creative and visionary. And you’ll feel energised and restored.

You will own and respect your health

This is coaching that doesn’t see you as wrong, bad, or in need of fixing – the external forces that make us believe this are what needs fixing. (Hello patriarchy and capitalism). In doing this work, you are helping yourself and becoming part of a better way forward.

We start from where you are and we focus on sleep, your gut, food, and movement in manageable ways that make you feel good.

You won’t see a shred of diet culture in this work. Science has finally proven that willpower is not the way. Instead you’ll learn how to intuitively care for your physical and mental health with kindness and compassion. Because that’s what you deserve.

What will this look like?
You’ll find yourself naturally recognising what your body needs. This connection with yourself will flow into everything you do. You’ll feel energised and radiant — free from restriction and negativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the environment like for this style of coaching? 

  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Your own personal cheerleader
  • Regular accountability
  • Open attention
  • Confidentiality and a safe space
  • A compassion guide and partner

How does this differ to therapy?

I’m not a therapist and this is not therapy, nor a replacement for therapy. Many of my clients are in therapy with a trained professional and this works as a powerful accompaniment, but it in no way replaces specialised therapeutic practice.

If you are currently suffering from depression, PTSD, have been diagnosed with bipolar or borderline personality, or you are struggling with addiction, please consider seeking professional help and reaching out to your local services first. We can still work together, but I should not be you first port of call.


What are the logistical elements of this coaching?

  • Weekly video coaching call (45mins)
  • Access to me via message (Mon-Fri)
  • Unlimited personalised mediations, Yoga Nidra, fitness audio, and videos
  • Access to the existing library of content (fitness, Yoga Nidra, training).
  • Personalised movement and food recommendations.


How long is the coaching program?

There is a minimum initial commitment of 3 months (weekly sessions). This is enough time to really see some sustainable change in one particular area. Many clients then choose to continue the coaching on a 3 month rolling basis. I have to be real, you’re not going to overhaul your entire life in three months. But we can set some groundwork and work on a long-term strategy. And if you have a very specific objective in mind, we can get super focused and work intently on that one thing that will help you.


How much does it cost?

Bespoke packages are from 350-550EUR/month sliding scale.

Are their payment options available?

For sure, I know we don’t all have piles of cash laying around. I offer paid-in-full discounts, payment plans where you can split payments over several months and other more creative options as needed, this is open to discussion so let’s talk! We can find a way that works for you.


What time zones do I work in?

In the past, I have worked with clients in Australia and New Zealand, but it has been very hard to coordinate, therefore at this time I am only taking on clients within +/- 6 hours of Berlin, Germany timezone.

If you are an exception to this, you can still reach out, but it might not be possible.

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