Sliding Scale

Pay What You Can…

I have an honesty policy for my classes and expect that people pay what they truly can.

This has been the case for my classes since 2017 and has always worked and balanced out. I love how open honest and generous my community are!

The reason there is a sliding scale is because it allows me to invite participants who can truly not afford it and give access to all.

I ask that you pay full price if you have the means to do so. Please consider your social location, income and privileges when deciding how much to offer. 

Paying more means that you support others. I also pay VAT and tax on all income so really, every little counts.

Sliding Scale Class Price 5-15EURO

You will receive details for the class via email once payment is made.

Access for All

Sliding scale means I have some free space in classes with priority given to

current or past coaching clients

Pandora Project Participants

NHS Nurses

first responders

members of low-income family with kids

members of the BIPOC, or trans/non-binary community

war veterans

victims of domestic abuse

… if you think you should also get access and are not on the list write to me.


If you want to request a free space write to me at