Business Solutions

Tailored solutions for your team to developing resilience, connection, and well-being.  Our programs facilitate inner transformation, resulting in evolved teams, that have greater real-world positive, transformative impact

For Employees

Well-being at work

A day long workshop empowering your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to manage health and wellbeing

Topics can include:


sleep hygiene,

stress management,


yoga nidra and meditation.


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Day long work shop with information, and role play developing the skills to give and receive corrective feedback, practice radical candor and get develop open and constructive communication.

man sat at a table with his face in his hands

For Managers

Managing Remote Teams

 I run people and operations for a fully remote company based in Switzerland and so this is a passion subject of mine. I’m particularly interested in well-being and operations in the remote-work scape and have specialised offerings for remote companies.

Topics include:

Decision making in the remotework scape

Running effective one-on-one’s

Effective meeting management

Scheduling and communication best Practices




laptop with a coffee cup next to it.

Remote Readiness

A remote readiness company audit checks how well your company can transition to the remote work scape offering personalised feedback suggestions and tactics.

Consists of interviews, policy and internal structure reviews and budget analysis.

Includes a final meeting to discuss findings and options for next steps.

Takes two weeks to develop the full report