Business Solutions

We’re all about helping your team develop resilience, connection and well-being. Our programs facilitate inner transformation so you can be a more evolved leader in the real world with greater positive impact

We offer personalized solutions that are tailored for each of our clients’ unique needs–whether it’s enhancing resiliency or building stronger relationships at work!

For Employees

Wellness in the workplace

Boost team morale by learning new wellness skills together

An interactive day-long workshop for your employees that teaches the skills and knowledge they need to manage health, well being. Topics covered include: nutrition, sleep hygiene , stress management etc . This program can be run in groups or one on ones depending upon what works best with each individual’s needs

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Empower your team to give corrective feedback without creating resentment

The workshop will help you develop your team’s skills for giving and receiving corrective feedback, as well as practicing radical candor.

They’ll also learn to communicate more effectively with peers by using open, honest communication practices that create a safe environment where people feel comfortable exploring new ideas without fear of being judged or ridiculed!


One Day workshop

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For Managers

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Compassionate Leadership

Personalised coaching and training for leaders in all capacities.

6 Month program working directly with me on a weekly basis.

We develop and explore:

– Emotional Intelligence

– Capacity to listen and hold space

– Compassion cultivation

– Mindful awareness

– Psychological Safety

– How to inspire



Managing Remote Teams

I’m passionate about running people and operations for a fully remote company based in Switzerland. I’ve specialised offerings to help companies that work from home, so this subject is near and dear to my heart!


Together, we can figure out exactly what you and your team need to thrive in the remote workspace. We will find blockers that are preventing success; areas of uncertainty which create problems for people trying new things; assess current needs as well as identifying skills or capacities missing from your toolkit – before creating a step-by-step plan tailored just for you! It’s all completely individualized and we figure out exactly what you need, together.



Topics include:

• Improves organizational decision-making on remote teams

• Better one-on-one sessions with remote team members

• Guided frameworks for meetings of various size and scope

• Create quality working relationships with best practices on communication, schedule adherence, and using technology more efficiently



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Remote Readiness

A remote readiness company audit checks how well your company can transition to the remote work scape offering personalised feedback suggestions and tactics.

Consists of interviews, policy and internal structure reviews and budget analysis.

Includes a final meeting to discuss findings and options for next steps.

Takes two weeks to develop the full report