Mindfulness and Compassion at Work

Tailored solutions for your team to developing resilience, connection, and well-being.  Our programs facilitate inner transformation, resulting in evolved teams, that have greater real-world positive, transformative impact

Well-being at work

I can create custom workshops and trainings for your company addressing lifestyle and wellbeing.

Topics can include: nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, movement, yoga nidra and meditation.

I will be running an online workshop on the 28th September 2021 exploring how to reduce stress and thrive at work if you or your team mates might be interested.


Overcoming self-criticism

So many people struggle with self criticism in the workplace. I offer personalised coaching for individuals who want to harness the power of self-compassion and mindfulness practices along with metacognitive training to overcome self-criticism that stands in their way at work.

man sat at a table with his face in his hands